Offers Exceptional Quality
Wooden Dummies and Long Poles,
 Handcrafted in the USA at an Outstanding Value"

Who We Are

Hello, my name is Dale Steigerwald and I am the owner of WingChunDirect.com.  With over twenty years of experience in Wing Chun, I understand what the needs of today's practitioners are.   I have been building dummies and long poles since 2010, and have made it my focus to bring exceptional quality to students and masters alike at prices that make sense.  Currently, I am the only one who buids the equipment that we sell.  From the selection of the wood to the final coat of finish, I do each step of the way. 

  Over the years I have built hundreds of dummies and long poles for the martial arts community.  Many people have inquired as to why my website had been down for so long... the truth be told, I was so busy building dummies and poles that I didn't have the time to sit down and rebuild my website after my old host went out of business several years ago.  

  It was my early New Year's resolution to rebuild my website for WingChunDirect.com and I've gotten a good start on it so far... it only December 19, 2016 and I've already gotten the site about 65% done, so I'm glad to report that I am well on my way for 2017.  I am also planning on adding a members only section specifically for people who purchase equipment from me, as well as my student at the Academy of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.  So stay in touch to see what's new as the site evolves.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me.  Yes, I am a real person, and Yes it will be me who is in contact with you directly.  So please don't hesitate.  

  If you want to stay in the loop more, be sure to check out our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WingChunDirect/ , I will keep things up to date and share pictures from the shop of dummies and poles as they are getting worked on. By checking in and checking back there, you will probably get to see some early shots of your own dummy or pole being built.  

At WingChunDirect.com, I am focused on providing top quality training products at a great price with outstanding service. Since 2010, we've been crafting superior quality wooden dummies and long poles.  As a testimony to my quality we have enjoyed many repeat customers, and many referrals from customers over the years.  My customers trust me to provide them with fine quality training equipment.  If you are in the market for a great new training partner made of wood, or looking for a long pole that won't break easily, give mine a try, I'd love to have another satisfied customer. 

Why Us?

Our products hit the sweet spot for quality and value.  We do not sell cheap wooden dummies or long poles, we sell top shelf quality wooden dummies and long poles at exceptional prices.  

How can we do that?  

Simple, we ship our products straight from our shop to you.  There is no middle man mark up, or additional fees built in from moving these items all over the world.   Just our equipment for Wing Chun Direct to you! (Hence the name of our website.)  This allows us to have better prices and better quality than many other suppliers can offer.  Not to mention, less shipping means less chances for your dummy or pole to be damaged in transit.  

Better is our goal

Better Equipment!

Better Prices!

Better Service!

Let us prove it to you.  Order your dummy or pole today and see for yourself!