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Compact Frame Wooden Dummy

$999.99 $1,199.99

Are you ready for the ultimate in portability, stability and usability?  Then look no further! 

This dummy features 100% laminated oak construction which resists warping and serious cracking when compared to nonlamiated wooden dummies.  With the 100% oak construction, you will have a heavier dummy that will provide a years upon years of high quality service.  All wood used in the construction of the dummy are from professionally kiln dried timbers.  Kiln drying ensures that the wood used is stable and able to withstand seasonal changes better than non-kiln dried wood.  It also allows us to hand select each piece used for best asthetics as well durability.

This dummy comes with a freestanding compact base.  This base offers the best balance of stability, portability and usibility, all while taking up very little room compared to most other stands on the market.  The stand features a storage tray that is situated directly behind the dummy, which provides a convient place to add some weight in order to further stabilize the stand.  The stand is build from Southern Yellow Pine(SYP) which is so strong that it has historically been used to build bridges and telephone poles.  

If you have been holding off on buying a wooden dummy because of the space requirements, or fear that a post mounted stand would not be stable enough, your search is over.  This is the one that answers all of the calls.

Order it today and get ready for some serious training.   You even get to select the final stain color.  See color chart attached.   

Low Cost Shipping of Only $150 to anywhere in the contigous US.  Anyone outside of that area, please feel free to contact us for a custom quote on shipping. 

What color would you like your dummy stained based on the colors shown in the picture?

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