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Free Standing Frame Mount Wooden Dummy

$750.00 $999.99

Looking for a full sized live mount wooden dummy stand, but unable to attach it to the walls in your home, gym, school or apartment?  Your prayers have been answered.  

We offer a beautiful free standing frame mount wooden dummy system.  

This wooden dummy features

- all hardwood oak arms and leg offer rugged and enduring strength. Most of the competition at or around this price point is using soft woods for the arms such as douglas fir (a soft wood), poplar (although technically a hardwood, it is softer and weaker than most softwoods). If they don't advertise their arm and leg material, be sure to ask.

- approximately 8 1/4 inch (21 cm) diameter body -considered to be the traditional size.

- arms and body shaped on a lathe. Top arms have the off set shafts allowing the arm tips to be near level or off set as desired by the user.

- Your choice of stain color (please see the picture of stain colors available)

- dummy is built by the same person that built a wooden for the TV show NCIS

- traditional spacing of the arm and leg mortise (holes), a design that has stood the test of time.

- 12 inch arms.

- Strong and sturdy southren yellow pine body ensures year of high quality service. Southren yellow pine is harder and stronger than many woods that are technically typed as hardwoods. It is about as hard as elm and about as strong as oak. Durability won't be an issue here. It's so strong it is often used to build bridges.

- solid body construction. The body is laminated and solid throughout, except the lower third, toward the bottom of the dummy for the reciever post for the stand. Be careful, many competitors are selling dummies that are hollow the whole way from the top to the bottom. Hollow dummies don't have sufficient weight.

The Stand Features

- Fully adjustable height mounting ability.

-Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow Pine construction ( our choice based upon availability or stain choice for best match between the dummy and the stand), two great quality woods that are very strong and will last for years.

-Stand stained to match the wooden dummy body.

- Measures 5' wide x 4'deep by 6'tall.

Get a training partner that never sleeps and is always ready to train as hard as you are.  Order today!

Please note that this wooden dummy will normally ship within 4 -8 weeks, however, it may take . In some cases it may take a little longer as these items are 100% handmade and I really want you to have the best dummy possible. I really do put forth my best effort to having it ready for you as soon as possible. Please have patience as each item is hand made by me every step of the way from selecting the lumber at the mill to the final coat of finish.





May require signature for delivery.


Buyer assumes all responsibility for safely using and mounting of this dummy. Please seek proper guidance in the use of this item.



We have been building high quality wooden dummies since 2010 and have been featured on the 201st episode of NCIS entitled "Secrets". Please feel free to ask any questions as it is our goal to provide you with a very high quality training and purchasing experience.

What stain color from the chart provided would you like your dummy finished in?

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